Customer Service Philosophy

Customer service is the experience we deliver to our customer. We asked a few experts to share their philosophies on what customer service is what it means and how it affects a business.

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Sometimes its unwritten sometimes a document sometimes a graffiti or a poster on the office walls.


Customer service philosophy. The key thing is that everyone in support and sales teams knows and follows this guidance. Because your customer service team is on the frontline its important that they embrace the philosophy that your brands reputation is everything. Its something you put the best people on not the cheapest.

Youve heard the old business truism that its 5 times harder to get a new client than it is to get repeat business from an existing client so this is where you put it. But whats interesting to me is that all of my experience in customer service and all the advice Ive read tells me that when it comes to delivering great customer service your philosophy needs. What is Customer Service Philosophy.

Customer service is not an expense to be lessened. Here is what they said. Its a core profit center like sales.

The Faster the Better. Customer service philosophy is a set of well-defined company values and priorities that guide your team while managing service and support issues. A customer service philosophy is when a strategy is developed by customer service teams on how to manage service and support issues driven by the guiding beliefs and values of a brand.

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By implementing a philosophy that puts the customer first youll empower your team to do their greatest work and keep your customers front of mind at all times. A customer service philosophy doesnt just affect your customer support team. Generally a customer service philosophy is composed of two parts.

If your companys goal is to better serve its customers then you need a strong customer service philosophy. Often businesses make their customer service philosophy statement available to the public. This communicates your company values and sets expectations about what customer.

A customer service philosophy should detail how you want employees to interact with customers or clients to ultimately build customer loyalty and improve customer retention. Heres a closer look at ways a customer service. The term customer service refers to the process of serving people and providing help and support either before during or after a purchase.

However to ensure all your customers receive high-quality customer service creating a well thought out customer service philosophy that is directly relevant to your business is crucial. Customer service is where the magic happens as each interaction is an opportunity to show your customers that you care. A customer service philosophy is unique for every company.

Customer service philosophy in action Oxford dictionary defines philosophy as a theory or attitude held by a person or organization that acts as a guiding principle for behavior This is especially relevant for customer service in which frontline employees deal with an endless stream of unpredictable scenarios. A truly effective philosophy will have a far-reaching impact that helps unite the various departments within your business. What is a customer service philosophy.

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A customer service philosophy is a shared mission for your support team a set of guiding principles that ensure youre upholding your core values with every customer interaction. Each team needs guiding principles to ensure that their goals are achieved in the best possible way and that the needs of the customer are met. Instead a customer service philosophy is a mindset that has to come from the core of the company.

It can be defined as the process wherein a companys customer service team develops a strategy that aims at handling both service and support issues on the basis of their companys principles and values.

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