Ff7 Floor 63 Door Puzzle

For final fantasy vii on the pc, shinra building floor 63 map by crazyreyn. Opening a door on the 63rd floor.

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Shinra building level 63 door puzzle if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above.


Ff7 floor 63 door puzzle. The piano can be found when you go through the door north from the entrance, and then it's in the room on the left. During the flashback scenes you will be thrown into a battle against a dragon with sephiroth. There’s some grinding to do on the 67th floor, and it can be a tad dangerous.

How this puzzle works is pretty straight forward, on this floor there are multiple library rooms with bookshelves. Final fantasy vii how to get password on first try 63rd floor final fantasy 7 the easy way to get mayor dominos password you steam community guide floor 63 all s ffvii how to get the mayor s password fastest way 62nd floor. Check the file on the left of the middle shelf and consult the table below for the password.

Head back down to the 64th floor and save your game. Take the elevator to floor 63. Save and heal your characters.

By bolinha de berlim and 1 collaborators. Floor 63 holds another kind of puzzle. This will tell you what kind of books you should expect to find inside.

Make your way down all the stairs and ladders and break all. Opening the first door on the top, and the third door from the right, gets into the first room with coupon a. You can only open 3 doors and you have to find 3 coupons.

Register yourself as a member of eyes on final fantasy in order to post, have less ads, be able to read more thread replies per page, and much much more. Research library) go to the middle shelf and check the book on the far left. You need to get the items in the chests, and put them in order on the model in the middle room.

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First head to the computer room in the bottom right. Your goal is to find the book that does not belong in each. Instead of taking the rational approach and following him as soon as possible, you can rely on shinra’s crappy security and facilities.

Outside of each room is a notice next to the door letting you know what sort of books you can expect to find inside of there. For final fantasy vii on the playstation, shinra building floor 63 map by crazyreyn. Not to discredit btaylor, but there is a much easier way to get the password without having to go through all that trouble walk up to the upper right room (space dev.

You can now travel all the way up to floor 65, but first let's explore each of these floors for whatever fun they might hold. You can obtain up to 4 special items on this floor. Here i explain how to obtain all 4.

Final fantasy 7 remake chapter 16: Exit and circle the perimeter of the floor counterclockwise until a door on the far side blocks your path. It tells you to take several steps but instead, just look around the entrance of the room with the chest that held the.

The mansion is most famous for its role in the nibelheim incident—in the mansion's hidden. No problem, i think i'll do more for ff7 but now i'll focus on ff8. Click all around on the model to get dialogue, and then go check for chests that are unlocked.

Shinra manor, also known as shinra mansion, is a location in the world of final fantasy vii.it is an abandoned mansion on a hill on the outskirts of nibelheim, and was once used by shinra electric power company researchers as a study, as well as a secret lab via a hidden passage in the basement. You will be told you can open up to 3 doors. Go to the staircase and go to floor 63.

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That door isn’t closing any time soon. First you'll have to take a look the panel located outside each door. Hint 2 leads to the floor near the piano.

Open it and proceed to the left door on the near side of the next section of hallway. Hint 3 leads upstairs, to the right part. Whats people lookup in this blog:

The belly of the beast this mission begins with the objective of infiltrating the shinra building. This floor contains another puzzle. You get as many tries at this as you would like so that you can focus on picking up the coupons for the items that you want.

It will tell you that you can only open three doors in this floor. Research library', which has a blue floor and green shelves. There are some items here that may be worth your while to get although it’s all completely optional.

Anyway, go to the east room for a computer that you can search.â it will verify your keycard and allow you to go through three doors. Each of the 4 libraries has a plaque on the door telling which kinds of books are to be found there, inside, there is always 1 book that doesn't belong to that session, in each of the 4 libraries, the number in front of the book name points to the position of the letter you need to take note of. In the shinra hq, i happened to mess up the door order on floor 63.

Gussy apr 7, 2015 @ 5:37pm you're the bomb man. Proceed up to the next floor when you are ready. Known as the 'space dev.

If you find the shortest route put them in the computer and you get some special items. The player can get up to three items from this area on part 1. You can get a materia if you solve the puzzle here.

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I see a lot of people talking about how optional the puzzle is, but no one explains how to solve it. Then i looked up a guide. Go up to floor 65, and there are enemies here, so watch out.

The door to the inn is back near the entrance to kalm and your team is up on the second floor. As you progress through the shinra building in midgar, you will reach floor 63. You can only open a maximum of three doors which limits the number of rooms that you can get to and items you can pickup.

Grab your materia and your keycard and move up to the next floor. This basically is a puzzle; You cannot die or lose this battle so don’t worry about any of the actions you have cloud perform.

To solve this puzzle all you have to do is head to the four libraries located on the same floor. I can't seem to restart. Only one chest opens at a time, though.

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