Orbital Floor Fracture Treatment

They are most common in young children. The orbital perios¬ teum may or may not rupture.

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Orbital fracture is a breakage in the bone in the eye socket, which can involve the rim, the floor or even both.


Orbital floor fracture treatment. It is more prevalent in young men. The orbital floor fracture is a rupture of the orbital floor caused by blunt force on the eyeball or orbital framework (orbital frame). After the initial surgery, the patient had diplopia, hyperglobus, and cicatricial entropion.

The patient should be told to avoid nose blowing and valsalva maneuvers, because orbital emphysema and proptosis may result. The orbit, or eye socket, is the cavity of the skull that holds the eye. The inferior rectus muscle is shown incarcerated on thesharpboneedges.thefrontalviewshowstheweakarea oftheorbital floor (a).

Most orbital floor defects can be repaired with synthetic implants composed of porous polyethylene, silicone, metallic rigid miniplates, vicryl mesh, resorbable materials, or metallic mesh. Sometimes antibiotics and decongestants are prescribed as well. The patient had a zygomaticomaxillary complex (zmc) fracture with involvement of the orbital floor, which had been repaired by the referring service (not an oculoplastic surgeon).

Definition the orbit is one of a pair of bony cavities each housing the globe and associated structures. This is reflected in the demographics: If left unattended, these fractures tend to result in significant enophthalmos.

How are orbital fractures treated? Cold compression helps limit orbital edema and hemorrhage. Treatment for orbital fracture comprises of surgery in severe cases and ice packs, rest and antibiotics in mild fractures.

Minor fractures that do not include damage to the eye, pain, or significant cosmetic change are generally observed without further intervention. Fractures of the orbital floor and the medial orbital wall (blowout fractures) are common midface injuries. Surgical timing in orbital fracture treatment:

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Treatment there are two general effective means of treatment for the. Complicated fractures involving major trauma are more common in adults. Etiology fractures of the orbital floor are common:

A fracture involving one third or more of the orbital floor usually leads to a cosmetic and/or functional deformity. A blowout fracture of the orbital floor is defined as a fracture of the orbital floor in which the inferior orbital rim is intact. Orbital floor fracture treatment in many cases, orbital fractures do not need to be treated with surgery.

Repair of orbital floor fractures often involves the reduction of the herniated orbital contents and implantation of a sturdy, inelastic material to prevent the orbital contents from prolapsing into the maxillary sinus. Experience with 108 consecutive cases. Orbital floor fracture — a blow to the rim of the eye socket pushes the bones back, which causes the bones of the orbit floor to buckle downward.

Orbital floor fracture treatment immediately after an orbital floor fracture, the affected eye may have impaired motility, resulting in double vision. Symptoms vary depending on the severity of the injury and the type of fracture, but include: When surgery is indicated, it is usually best performed as close to 2 weeks from the trauma date as possible.

It often occurs together with a zygomatic or midface facial fracture. Knowledge of anatomy is mandatory when dealing with patients presenting with trauma to the orbit. An orbital blowout can occur when an object strikes the orbit with blunt force.

Endoscopic endonasal or transmaxillary repair of orbital floor fracture: You can have a fracture in one or all of these parts of the eye socket: Direct orbital floor fracture — if an orbital rim fracture extends into nearby parts of the eye socket floor, both the rim and the socket floor are fractured.

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Treatment for orbital fracture comprises of surgery in severe cases and ice packs, rest and antibiotics in mild fractures. Otori n, haruna s, moriyama h. In many cases, orbital fractures do not need to be treated with surgery.

Orbital fat prolapses into the sinus. Finally, after attempting two revisions, the surgeon referred the patient to dr. There are various options for treatment of orbital wall fractures most of which are dependent on severity of trauma, changes in vision, and location of fracture.

The eye may be proptotic or enophthalmic, depending on the amount of edema (causing proptosis) and the size of the fracture (leading to enophthalmos). The oculovagal reflex refers to the presence of vagal stimulation by pressure to intraorbital structures, which results in bradycardia, hypotension, nausea, and/or vomiting. If an orbital fracture is small, your ophthalmologist may recommend placing ice packs on the area to reduce swelling and allow the eye socket to heal on its own over time.

The inferior wall , or orbital floor, is formed by the upper jawbone (maxilla), part of the cheek bone (zygomatic), and a. In elderly people, these breaks may result from a fall that causes their cheek to hit a piece of furniture or other hard surface. Fig 1.—when hydraulic pressure in the orbit increases, the thin bone of the orbital floor may fracture.

The blowout fracture is the most common type of orbital fracture and is usually the result of trauma. The use of goggles or safety glasses in contact sports is recommended to prevent orbital fractures and associated injuries. Matteini c, renzi g, becelli r, et al.

An orbital blowout fracture is a fracture or break in the small bones that make up your eye. We help you select the appropriate treatment of orbit, orbital floor fracture located in our module on midface. A study of 88 patients treated in our department.

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This injury is commonly the result of a fist, baseball, or tennis ball that strikes the eye. Cho, who determined that the patient probably had not needed the orbital floor fracture repair in the first place. Orbital fractures have a distinct trauma mechanism and are complex, due to the complex anatomy of the bony and soft tissue structures involved.

About 85% of traumatic eye injuries, including eye socket fractures, happen by accident, during contact sports, at work, in car crashes or while doing home repair projects. Female patients who present with clinical details that do not match the fracture such as 'falling' should raise concerns of i ntimate partner violence 8.

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